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Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer: The Brookside Farmers’ Market is Kansas City’s original farmer-managed market.
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Market Opened April 15 2017!

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The Brookside Farmers’ Market is back!
All of your favorite vendors – and some new ones too – are out in their fields preparing a harvest for you.

May 27, 2017 Newsletter –

Fresh Produce ~ Sustainably Farmed Meats ~ Shoots and Sprouts
Vegan and other Baked Goods ~ Handcrafted Kitchen Utensils ~ Locally Roasted Single-Origin Coffee

New this year!

We have asked local chef and devoted market shopper Paige Vandegrift to develop recipes using the beautiful produce that will be on offer all season long at the BFM.  Chef Paige is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in London and has worked locally at The American Restaurant, The Pastry Goddess, The Culinary Center of Kansas City and currently at her own private chef service Simple – Food and Chef Shop Baking.  Paige is also a cooking teacher (at various local venues) and food blogger.  Paige’s blog, For Love of the Table, was a natural outgrowth of her passion for teaching and helping people to cook beautiful and delicious food from fresh, seasonal ingredients in their own kitchens, for their own tables. 


This week’s recipe from Market Chef Paige Vandegrift is for A Freekeh Pilaf  (or “grain bowl”) featuring the greens, carrots, spring onions and green garlic of the May market.  Of particular note are the carrots and greens from Stony Crest Urban Farm.  Stony Crest has had beautiful carrots from their hoop houses since the opening of the market.  Paige posted a recipe featuring those carrots (and their tops!) last month.  The carrots are still going strong and they make a delicious addition to the pilaf.   For the greens, Paige used one of her favorites–Red Russian kale.  But greens of all kinds are wonderful in pilafs and Rodger and Diane grow a wide variety of beautiful greens.  If you are unfamiliar with the different kinds of greens that are available locally, take a minute to look around the stalls at the market and ask the growers about the kinds that they are choosing to grow.  
One of the great things about this pilaf is its versatility.  It is excellent with the carrots–but the original included peas instead of carrots.  If you want to make it with carrots, scroll down to the May 2017 variation at the bottom of the recipe.  Since peas will be coming to the market sometime during the next week or so, you will soon be able to make the original version too.  Greens–as well as spring onions and green garlic–should be abundant for several more weeks, so you should have ample opportunity to try at least one version of this recipe during the current season.   And if by chance you are unfamiliar with Freekeh (a delicious grain), you can read up on it on Paige’s intro post from a few years ago.
Be sure to check out Chef Paige’s blog For Love of the Table for all kinds of ideas for cooking with fresh seasonal produce.  And be sure to bookmark her new Brookside Market page so you can stay on top of her latest posts featuring Brookside Farmers’ Market produce.    


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