What makes the Brookside Farmers’ Market unique compared to other farmers’ markets?

Brookside is the market to shop for local, organic food. The Brookside Farmers’ Market ensures the quality of our products by requiring:

  1. All produce farmers are Certified Organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA) or if farmers have not yet completed the certification process or are exempt because of their small size, they are inspected by representatives of the market to ensure that they are following organic practices.USDA Organic Certification is the only nationally regulated process to ensure that food or other agricultural products that have been produced using approved methods.Organic farming systems rely on ecologically based practices such as cultural and biological pest management, exclusion of all synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones in crop and livestock production. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may not be used.
  2. All meat, egg and cheese vendors are certified organic or will be inspected by the market to ensure:
    • -No farmer uses genetically modified organisms (GMO) in their animal feed;
    • -No farmer treats their market animals with antibiotics; and
    • -All animals are pastured.
  3. No resale is allowed. Brookside Farmers’ Market is a producer-only market. At Brookside, you buy from the producer. You talk to the producer. You can ask questions and get answers from the producer. All products at the Brookside Farmers’ Market are grown or produced by the person you buy from, so talk to the farmer/producer about practices and values.
  4. Your food is produced no more than 100 miles away from the market. That’s local!

The Brookside Farmers’ Market is Kansas City’s pace-setting market in ensuring that the food you eat is truly produced using environmentally sustainable and organic methods.

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