Urbavore Urban Farms

Urbavore - Brooke & DanUrbavore Farms is a biologically diverse farmstead in the heart of Kansas City, just five miles east of the Country Club Plaza. This 13-acre edible oasis brings organic growth, sustainable life, and creative solutions to a city neighborhood. Brooke and Dan use holistic “no till” farming methods to build rich soil and provide nutrient dense foods for the community. They grow an extensive variety of heirloom vegetables and herbs, as well as seasonal berries and fruits from their heritage orchards.

Special products include strawberries – “the best you’ve ever tasted” – grown organically in compost-enhanced soils, available in late May/June, and free-range eggs from their flock of heritage breed laying hens. Their chickens are on pasture 100% of the time and their diet of grass and juicy bugs is supplemented with certified organic grains.

Dan Heryer and Brooke Salvaggio operated the much-loved BADSEED Market in the Crossroads until last year, when they closed the market to downscale their growing operation and grow their family. (Percy and now Solomon, added in April!) They’re glad to join the other purveyors of sustainable products at the Brookside Farmers’ Market.

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