Stony Crest Urban Farm

Stony Crest Urban Farm, located in the Marlborough neighborhood less than 


5 miles from the market, began as a gardening hobby for owners Rodger Kube and Diane Hershberger. Diane began selling excess tomatoes and flowers from their home garden plots at farmer’s markets 5 years ago. They now grow a wide array of vegetables on nearly 2.5 acres incorporating portions of their 7-acre property named Stony Crest and several nearby lots. Rodger and Diane especially love to grow heirloom tomatoes and he fancies himself a “Tomato Whisperer”. Through the use of high tunnels and greenhouses, they produce food in all four season. The 2014 season is Rodger and Diane’s fourth year at the Brookside Market.


Rodger Kube & Diane Hershberger


87th & Garfield                      
Kansas City, MO 64132

About Stony Crest Urban Farm

Stony Crest Urban Farms grows a full range of seasonal vegetables with a special focus on varieties that are particularly colorful, textually different or unique in flavor to provide interesting cooking and eating experiences for their customers. In the spring they offer vegetable transplants that are bred or well adapted to growing in containers or small spaces since most yards in Brookside and Waldo neighborhoods are compact. Their In Season Dog Treats provide our dog customers an opportunity to minimize their carbon footprint with treats made locally using in-season organic vegetables. They also grow cut flowers.

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