St. Clair Farmstead

Nathan and Katie started St. Clair Farmstead in early 2017 on a 20-acre tract of land south of Concordia. The farm currently has approximately 1/4 acre in vegetable production. The production focus at this time is on greens and root vegetables, with a few other items like tomatoes and squashes. The last few years have been very exciting for the St. Clair family. They had their first child, bought a farm and are expecting a second child this fall. In the midst of all the changes, they also launched their business and started updating a century-old farmhouse. The vision for the whole farm is to develop the land and implement systems that restore its health and provide for the community. As farmers and landowners, Nathan and Katie are deeply committed to being good stewards of their land and making decisions that are beneficial to their farmily, the environment and the local community


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