Pat and Rachel’s Gardens

Pat and Rachel’s Gardensis a USDA certified organic family farm located between Lawrence, Kansas and Olathe, Kansas, just south of Desoto. Jim and Sandra Leek are the parents of eleven children who have all worked together to create Pat and Rachel’s Gardens. Pat and Rachel are two children of our clan who have passed on early, and we created this farm in honor of them. As a family, we continue to grow local, sustainable, and organic food to honor our Maker. We value community and believe we can help create a healthier future for us all by nurturing this community from the ground up. We are Solar Organic and Local. SOL food! Our new farm manager, Catherine Sercer, has had wide experience in Washington state, North Carolina, and New York.

In addition to producing food, we are a Certified Organic Processor, which means we are licensed to wash, prepare, process, and freeze organic products (which will be available at the Brookside Farmers’ Market this year). As part of our dedication to the local food network, we serve as a “sub hub” for the Kansas City Food Hub (also known as FreshFarm HQ), the local food hub which launched with help from USDA grant in 2016. Sub hubs provide local farmers with a convenient drop-off point where food is received, cooled, and redistributed by HQ. We are primarily solar powered and use a pond-fed, drip irrigation system to use resources as sustainably as we can, here in Kansas. We invite you to support Pat and Rachel’s Gardens in creating a healthier future by buying Solar Organic Local food: SOL food.

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