Navigating the Marathon – Oct. 15, 2016

race-through-brooksideIt’s time for the KC Marathon this Saturday! Don’t worry, with a little planning you can still make it to the Market for your last okra of the season and all of the Sweet Potatoes you can carry! If you live nearby – ride your bike or walk to Market and skip the traffic hassle!

If you’re coming from outside the race perimeter, here’s some navigational help:

  1. First – the good news! Police will let traffic cross the course when there is a safe distance between runners. If you check out the MAP here, plan your route so you only need to cross the course once on your way!
  2. The race begins downtown. See the full map for specifics, but as it comes through Brookside, runners will follow Ward Parkway from 58th Street south to 75th Street, 8:15 am through 11 am. Come through that area before 8:15 if you can – or later like 10:30 when runners may be more sparse. 
  3. To the west, the race will follow Rockhill Road, then Meyer, and north on The Paseo to the Plaza. That area may be blocked off as late as 12:30 pm. (BUT, as mentioned, cars will be allowed to cross when possible…)
  4. Here’s the official word from Race Director Josh Zabel (thanks Josh!!):
    “Bigger intersections are much more likely to be staffed with police officers instead of volunteers, and they will be able to facilitate traffic across at a faster rate. There will likely be delays when larger groups of runners are in each area, but when they are able to police and volunteers will be allowing traffic to cross. We usually suggest to plan an extra 15-30 minutes of travel time in case of extended delays.”

    These cross streets will be staffed with police (there are lots more, but these seem relevant to wending your way to the Market!!) 

    Ward Parkway at 59th, 63rd, and Meyer; 
    75th and Main;
    Holmes and Rockhill 
    The Paseo at 55th, 59th, and 63rdSo…put on some calming music in the car and have a no-rush Saturday. We’ll be ready and waiting for you at the Market when you come! Looking forward to a great day!

Susan, for the Market

Susan Brill
Brookside Market Manager

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