Love The Leafy Greens!

Don’t be scared of the leafy greens – they are some of the easiest, healthiest, tastiest items to prepare and eat. There are so many great and different greens!

Often the bunches of greens look intimidatingly large, but greens cook down alot. For cooking greens, a simple steam or saute with garlic or onions can be a quick and easy side dish or an easy first step to prep greens for more complicated recipes. If you find the taste of a green a little “pungent” then you can give them a 1 minute bath in boiling water, then remove them and discard the cooking water before starting your recipe. This will remove some of the compounds that folks find “bitter”. It also preps the greens to be frozen for later use! Market vendors are usually happy to discuss recipes – feel free to come “talk greens” with me!

About Blue Door Farms

I’m certified organic because I believe organic practices protect the long term health of the land, myself and my customers! Going through the certification process helps me stay on top of things and lets my customers know that I stand behind my produce and my practices.

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