Let Us Test Lettuce

Part of what I love about growing and eating vegetables is learning what vegetables, and what varieties, grow well on my farm and when it tastes best.   Local food isn’t just about food miles to me – it’s about learning that italian sweet peppers grow better than bell peppers at my place, that carrots grow best on the east side of the field, that napa cabbage will bolt in the spring but not the fall, or that my favorite butterhead lettuce can go from perfect to bolted and bitter overnight if the temperature hits the upper eighties.

Leafy greens are particularly sensitive to growing conditions; the temperature, soil moisture and even wind can effect flavor and texture.  This is why the selection of leafy greens is small during the summer heat and why I may have great tasting lettuce one week and none the next.

This year I’m trying to grow some lettuce varieties that are heat tolerant.  I’ll be paying a lot of attention to how it tastes from week to week. Please let me know if you notice a change in the flavor of any product from week to week; I’ll try to let you know how different crops are doing and what you can expect, but I appreciate any and all feedback!

About Blue Door Farms

I’m certified organic because I believe organic practices protect the long term health of the land, myself and my customers! Going through the certification process helps me stay on top of things and lets my customers know that I stand behind my produce and my practices.

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