KACI’s Muffins

KACIsLogoKaren Fitzgerald and Colleen Cable are the mother-daughter team that launched KACI’s Muffins
this year, makers of healthy vegan baked goods. 

All of their creations include fruits and/or
vegetables! The Orange Muffins have orange juice, naturally, but carrots covertly provide extra fiber and nutrition too. In fact, all of their products are good sources of fiber from fruits and vegetables and whole grains, too. (You won’t find any processed white flour in their kitchen!) Some of their muffin varieties provide more protein even than an egg.

Karen Fitzgerald and Colleen Cable“We wanted to make foods that tasted good and are also healthy, which is a tough combination,” Colleen says. “So, we came up with little muffins that include healthy whole grains and vegetables. We’ve gradually expanded to include other types of goodies, but our philosophy remains the same. Karen’s grandson is one of our official tasters. If he doesn’t like it, then we don’t sell it!”

Karen explains more about the size of their mini-products: “People have come to expect huge portion sizes of processed baked goods that are high in sugar and fat,” she says. “We make smaller portions of foods that are much lower in fat and sugar than ‘the usual.’ ”

Orange Carrot MuffinBottom line for these women? “We make delicious, healthy muffins – and they’re cute!” Come by their booth and see what it’s all about!

Fun Fact:  The duo came up with its name from “K”-aren “A”-nd “C”-olleen = KACI’s (and – bonus – they’re from KC!) 


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