Ibis Bakery

The ibis is a communal bird tIbisBakeryhat loves to socialize and eat daily meals together.  To us, that ritual is what bread is meant for. We are a passionate group of bakers and food-lovers in Kansas City who are excited about discovering flavor and texture combinations while respecting the natural beauty of simple ingredients. Our artisan bakery carefully crafts au levain-style loaves from a natural yeast, creating bread the old fashioned way – hands on and with care. Ibis Bakery is a local and organic focused bakery and will be bringing a various assortment of hand-crafted breads, croissants, and other select pastries, alongside coffee from Messenger Coffee Co.

About Blue Door Farms

I’m certified organic because I believe organic practices protect the long term health of the land, myself and my customers! Going through the certification process helps me stay on top of things and lets my customers know that I stand behind my produce and my practices.

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