Here’s the Beef

Clearly, 100% Grass-Fed beef will be delicious…but how to prepare it? Here are some ideas to keep you cooking this spring!

Burgers and Grilled Steaks are always a favorite.

Pot Roast, using a chuck, arm or rump roast, with your favorite veggies, add a little spice, slow cook in the crock pot on low for the day, and the results will have you signing in pleasure. Meat Loaf! What an awesome dish, you can put literally ANYTHING in it!

The stew meat makes great beef and noodles, slow simmer with your choice of veggies, spices, and last 20 minutes or so add noodles, mmmmm. For homemade noodles, use one egg, one-cup flour to start, salt, pepper or spices to taste. Stir together, until the dough can be handled. Roll out small amounts of this with rolling pin, dust with flour, and roll up then cut in slices. Unroll each slice and let dry on flour-dusted surface. No time to dry? It’s ok, just as soon as you cut them, unroll and add to bubbling broth. For thicker broth, take some out of the pan (the broth) then when it is cool, stir in flour the slowly dribble in the bubbling broth, stirring as you do. It should thicken, if not repeat this process. You can also, use Corn Starch to thicken the broth.

About Blue Door Farms

I’m certified organic because I believe organic practices protect the long term health of the land, myself and my customers! Going through the certification process helps me stay on top of things and lets my customers know that I stand behind my produce and my practices.

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