Green Gate Family Farm

Green Gate Family Farm is a small diversified farm that uses regenerative farming techniques, such as no till and soil rejuvenation practices. We believe the soil is alive and needs to be treated with care. The soil is important to us because we want to grow healthy nutritious food for our customers.

Currently, there are three main production components to the farm:

Poultry operation- We have chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, Guinea, and peacocks. with the majority of our birds being egg producing hens. They are feed all organic grain and have the opportunity to forage for themselves.

Vegetable operation- Our garden is full of over 40 different types of annual and perennial vegetables. This portion of the farm is being expanded this year and should total about 2 1/4 acres in production.

Fruit orchard- attempting to be all organic. We have grapes, apples, Asian pears, peaches, pears, blueberries and brambles.

We sell Eggs year round. Our birds are fed Certified Organic feed, which cost four times the price of conventional feed.  After doing some calculation, we found that in every dozen egg is $2 worth of feed. Our other cost (travel, insurance, packaging, and Market fees) make the cost of our egg seems significant when compared to the conventional market.  At $6 a dozen we are still only paying ourselves less than minimum wage to bring them to market.  But we love working with the birds and bring eggs to market so we preserver and could not do it with out customers who appreciate our farm fresh eggs.

We also sell vegetables and Fruit, which are giving just as much care as our eggs.

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