Gibbs Road Farm

The Gibbs Road Farm, a 2-acre urban farm in Kansas City, KS, serves as Cultivate Kansas City‘s model and demonstration farm for running a farm business in the city. The farm has been feeding Kansas City residents organic, urban grown food since 1997.  They have been bringing their produce to the Brookside Farmers’ Market since its first year in 2003.

Gibbs Road Farm grows over 40 kinds of certified organic vegetables including over 250 heirloom and ethnic varieties of everything from greens to roots to tomatoes and more tomatoes along with a dozen or so culinary herbs. You can find them in the northwest corner of the Brookside Farmers Market every Saturday from April through October.

The farmers at 4223 Gibbs Road, Kansas City, KS 66106 welcome visitors.  You are likely to have the best experience if you make an appointment by phone (913-831-2444), but Monday-Friday drop-ins are usually accommodated.

For those of you who like to keep in touch via social networking, you can find the farm on Facebook and Twitter. You can also subscribe to their newsletter and get more updates from the farm at

Mission, vision, values, beliefs

The farm’s mission is to grow food, farmers, community and the organic movement in Kansas City. The farm is a program of the non-profit organization Cultivate Kansas City which has the mission of being a catalyst for the production and consumption of locally grown food in Kansas City neighborhoods. The vision we share is one of creating a Kansas City where sustainable, community- engaged farms are providing an abundance of fresh and healthy food to city residents; people are earning an income through farming; unused spaces are turned to food producing farms and gardens; and appropriately scaled agriculture is understood and practiced as an integral part of a beautiful, lively, and healthy neighborhood.

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