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  • Blue Door Farms usda-organic.pngCertified Organic vegetable, herb and flower transplants and many types of certified organic vegetables: leafy greens, root crops and heirloom salad tomatoes. Continue reading →
  • Buffalo Lodge Meats Michael and Amy Billings are the owners/operators of Buffalo Lodge – a beautiful wedding venue and Buffalo ranch. Both of them tend to the animals and maintenance on the farm. They manage the entire product from the farm to the market so they stand behind every cut of meat. “Our bison meat is raised completely ...
  • David’s Pasture David’s Pasture is a small Missouri local-market farm that is family-owned and multi- generational. Animals are raised in open pastures, with lots of sunlight and without the use of antibiotics. Continue reading →
  • Garden of Peace Aye Aye, a graduate of the New Roots for Refugees program has an outgoing personality and loves her interaction with everyone she meets at the market. She grows using organic, sustainable methods. Continue reading →
  • Gibbs Road Farm usda-organic.pngOver 40 certified organic vegetables, including many heirloom and ethnic varieties, and culinary herbs Continue reading →
  • Green Gate Family Farm usda-organic.pngGreen Gate Family Farm is a small diversified farm that uses regenerative farming techniques, such as no till and soil rejuvenation practices. Continue reading →
  • Heirloom Bakery & Hearth A neighborhood bakery specializing in handcrafted breads, pies, cookies, muffins, scones, biscuits and other tasty treats. Everything is made from-scratch, with a focus on seasonal and local ingredients. Continue reading →
  • Ibis Bakery Our artisan bakery carefully crafts au levain-style loaves from a natural yeast, creating bread the old fashioned way – hands on and with care. Continue reading →
  • Ki Koko Farms Pay Lay shares her land with her sister, Beh Paw, who also sells vegetables at local markets. She grows food using organic and sustainable methods, and loves that along with what she brings to market, she can plant her favorite vegetables for cooking for family and friends. Continue reading →
  • Mama Tu’s Family Farm Mama Tu’s whole family helps organically and sustainably cultivate the vegetables Mama (Dena) Tu brings to market. Continue reading →
  • Meta Coffee Roasting Company Meta Coffee Roasting Company is an organic micro-roaster focused on single-origin coffee. “All of our coffee is organically grown and we feel strongly about food and product education, sustainability, and organic practices,” says owner Zach Tarhini. Zach offers two to three origins at a time, with those offerings always changing. (Today, for instance, offers Organic ...
  • Red Ridge Farms usda-organic.pngOver 400 varieties of fruits and vegetables, transplants, cut flowers, garden decor and supplies, fertilizers, repellants. Continue reading →
  • Stony Crest Urban Farm usda-organic.pngSeasonal vegetables with a focus on varieties that are particularly colorful, textually different or unique in flavor, vegetable transplants, In Season Dog Treats, cut flowers. Continue reading →
  • WoodMood Gardens usda-organic.pngOrganic beef, many varieties of vegetables. Continue reading →



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