Info for Vendors

Are you a farmer or producer of organic goods? Perhaps it’s time for you to become a Brookside Farmers’ Market vendor!

Alicia Ellingsworth mowing buckwheat at Gibbs Road Farm

Alicia Ellingsworth mowing buckwheat at Gibbs Road Farm

Customers who shop our market are committed to living healthy. They care about where their food comes from, and they want to know the farmers and producers who grow or prepare it. They know that many of our vendors are certified organic, and those that aren’t certified DO follow organic practices. Many of our customers shop the market every week.

If you are certified organic, meet national Organic System Plan requirements, or produce goods with 51% or more organic ingredients, you probably qualify to be a Brookside Farmers’ Market vendor. Join us today!

How to Apply

Download and complete the appropriate documents below, and send your packet to:
Brookside Farmers’ Market Vendors Committee
PO Box 7088
Kansas City, MO 64113

The deadline for 2016 Season Vendor applications was February 8, 2016.  Applications received after this date will be processed on an individual basis. (NOTE: Community Tent applications are due a minimum of two weeks before the Saturday you want to attend.)

All files are Microsoft Word documents (compatible with Word 97 or later) so that you may complete and print or email them easily.

Produce Vendor forms (complete all):

Livestock Vendor forms (complete all):

Processed Goods and other Vendor forms (complete all):

Community Tent vendor forms (complete all):

Have a question? You can reach Katie Nixon, Vendor Committee Chair, at Contact Us.