Blue Door Farms

Since 2007 Laura Christensen has been growing vegetables of many, many types and varieties, including leafy greens, root crops, and heirloom salad tomatoes. She also sells vegetable, herb and flower transplants to help get your garden growing in the spring and early summer.

Blue Door Farm recently purchased 20 acres in Kansas City, KS and is excited to be growing on land we own after many years renting.  Our new farm is a work in progress in 2018, but it’s great watching the property change and new things grow.  After many years certified organic, we dropped our certification in 2018 because the new farm doesn’t qualify quite yet for certification. However, we plan to apply in 2019 and in the meantime will continue using practices that keep the soil, you and ourselves healthy.  If you would like to arrange a farm visit, please contact Laura Christensen, at (816) 805 0362.

Mission, vision, values, beliefs

We like growing, harvesting, selling (and eating!) high quality, healthy food.  Farming is constant learning: Learning what crops and varieties grow well in our area, learning what our customers like, learning what our fellow farmers do on their farms.  Farming gives us a chance to experience the small, large, wonderful and challenging aspects of nature.  We do our best to take it all in and farm respectfully.

About Blue Door Farms

I’m certified organic because I believe organic practices protect the long term health of the land, myself and my customers! Going through the certification process helps me stay on top of things and lets my customers know that I stand behind my produce and my practices.

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