About Susan Brill

Susan Brill was the Brookside Farmers' Market Manager for the 2016 season

Be Love Too

Be Love Too Farm is a local shoots (sprouts grown in soil) farm. Farmers Andrea and Steve Myers have a deep passion for health and providing the KC community with the most nutrient dense food possible. Each shoot has 10-30 x the amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes than any fully … Continue reading

Cave Cultivated Creations

Cave Cultivated Creations grows mushrooms in an underground cave system right here in the heartland. The consistent growing environment means we can offer our top quality gourmet fungi year round! We will have an abundance of shiitake, a bit of Nameko, and some Buna Shimeji.  These are the three species of mushroom that thrive in … Continue reading

The Hutch

The Hutch is a small collective of ceramic artists that live and make work in Kansas City. Each week a different featured artist will be presenting their individual handmade pottery, offering a rich selection of unique tableware for purchase. We are thoughtfully crafting dishes that with time and use, will … Continue reading

The Pear and Crumble

The Pear and Crumble is a local Kansas City Bakery specializing in fruit and cake based desserts, fruit bars and shortbread.  Heather Nania, pastry chef and owner, creates the desserts from scratch, by hand. Offerings include a variety of delicious treats such as Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookies, Lemon-Blueberry Buckles made … Continue reading

Fair Share Farm

Farmers Rebecca Graff and Tom Ruggieri began Fair Share Farm in 2003 on land that has been in Rebecca’s family for 4 generations. Both left their jobs in 2000, looking for a way to promote community, sustainable agriculture, and healthy eating habits as their livelihood. Twelve years of building the soil … Continue reading