Ah, rapini. Or broccoli raab, rabe or raap.

Don’t recognize those names? Maybe you’ve heard of Cime di Rapa. Or Fiarelli. Or Rappi. Really, it’s all the same thing: a mildly pungent italian cooking green that also sets small broccoli like heads. The leaves, heads and tender stems are all good to eat. It is more closely related to turnips than to broccoli, and is incredibly delicious. To get an idea of it’s flavor, try “the magic recipe” – a simple sautee with garlic or onion, then add a squeeze of lemon juice after removing from heat, right before serving. Easy and yummy variations on this include adding any one or combination of the following: a little red pepper flakes, bacon or italian sausage, or parmesan or other pungent, hard cheese (add this after removing from heat). I like to saute it with lots of garlic, then add the juice of half a lemon (more if you like), then mix with cooked pasta and lots of parmesan. Tres yum and super quick and easy. 🙂

** This a highly seasonal green that likes cool temps and steady moisture. In warm or dry weather it can become a little too pungent. Ask me about the growing conditions and flavor from week to week if you have any questions.

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